• Dr. Morgan is very conservative when it comes to enhancing beauty which is exactly why I go to her. I never feel like I’m being oversold. I truly feel like she gives me her best advice as an expert and it is very appreciated. I am very young and people always drop their jaws when I tell them that I get Botox done. However, I use very little to take away a very strong line I had between my brows. I am all about natural beauty and I love that no one would ever guess the work that Dr. Morgan has done for me. I trust her advice because it is genuine.

    ~Gabriela M.

  • Dr Morgan is an absolute pleasure to work with, a lovely woman. She really listens to my goals and gives great results! She keeps me young!

    ~Jennifer D.

  • Dr. Morgan is wonderful! She took the time to answer all of my questions and was honest in her opinions, which made me feel completely comfortable in my decision, and after surgery, she continued to follow up, calling to check on me. My results were amazing and I could not be happier!

    ~Jennifer F.

  • Having my surgery done by Dr. Morgan was absolutely the best experience imaginable. Her personal care and attention made all the difference. My daughter had the same surgery prior to mine by another surgeon in our area and there was no comparison. Dr. Morgan is second to none in the industry.

    ~Sonya, A.

  • Dr. Morgan lost money on me because she was honest. She told me to try a prescription skin cream for dark circles under my eyes, before having surgery. It worked so well the dark circles vanished. No surgery — Thanks, Dr. Morgan.

    ~Chrissy, W.

  • I had a plan — 5 cosmetic operations to restore my beauty. Dr. Morgan listened and personally designed my step-by-step surgical plan doing what mattered most, first, in case I changed my mind. These operations gave me back my life. I look great, feel young and am happy. A very special plastic surgeon and a great staff. The best.

    ~Katherine, B.

  • I have never had a doctor or doctor’s staff be so good to me.

    ~Heather, A.

  • Dr. Morgan did my eye lid lift. I am very happy but she was just as concerned about my vaginal bleeding… my HMO doctors ignored this, doing nothing. Months later, I fainted from bleeding. I called Dr. Morgan. She said – get an ambulance to the Emergency Room, NOW! I arrived at the hospital and needed 3 blood transfusions and emergency surgery. My HMO paid the bill. Dr. Morgan is a caring and listened to me. She helped save my life.

    ~Melany, B.

  • I wanted a face lift but wanted to still look like me, just younger. No one can tell I had one! I still look great!

    ~Antonia, W.

  • I love my kids but my stretched tummy made me old and flabby. Exercise made me fit, but didn’t change my tummy area. Dr. Morgan explained why – the muscle had stretched from having a couple of kids. Now her tummy tuck made my stomach flat again. I’m happy and my husband is too.

    ~Melissa, B.

  • We have many good plastic surgeons around here. There is no plastic surgeon with Dr. Morgan’s skills. No one.

    ~RC, Dermatologist

  • I had been struggling for several years with drooping eyelids and several Optometrists had encouraged me to have eyelid surgery done … being a man I just told myself to suck it up and live with it. I finally was browbeaten by my wife who was concerned about my looks (no eyes) but more importantly concerned about my diminishing fields of vision … at least that’s what she told me. So she found Dr. Elizabeth Morgan and made an appointment for me. The instant I met Dr. Morgan and her incredible staff I knew I had come to the right place. She was very engaging and at the same time gave off an aura between the angelic Mother Teresa and the soft intellect of Condoleezza Rice. She reviewed my field of vision tests and did an exam of my eyelids and matter of factly advised me that the surgery would help me immensely. She had me right when she said that her process was to be a bit conservative to preserve my natural good looks (my words) and it could always be tweaked afterwards if more needed to be done. She patiently answered all of my questions and inspired utmost confidence in her knowledge and skills. The surgery was totally uneventful and as she promised I was able to return to work on Monday (surgery on Wednesday). I followed her postsurgical instructions to the letter and was very pleased with the minimal bruising and after effects. Apart from looking 5-10 years younger, the biggest benefit was my increased fields of vision – in less than three weeks after surgery I was able to avoid two automobile accidents by actually seeing cars coming into my lane due to my enhanced peripheral vision. I would highly recommend Dr. Morgan for any kind of surgery she is capable of performing, I could not begin to imagine anyone performing better than this truly gifted Surgeon.


  • My skin looks much healthier. I no longer wear make up. Even my husband notices.” (After 4 laser facials with ND Gental Yag)


  • Recently, Dr. Morgan performed a calf implant procedure for both my legs. The results were 1,000% excellent. Dr. Morgan answered all my questions, in language I understood. Her bedside manner was outstanding. Her attention to my inliidual situation was unliided. She always placed my well being above anything else. If you are considering any type cosmetic surgery, look no further than Dr. Elizabeth Morgan.

    ~Bob, A.

  • Dr. Morgan is a board certified plastic surgeon with years of experience in a variety of procedures and surgeries. I feel very confident and comfortable knowing she is performing my injections and monitoring their progress. Not only is she unbelievably bright and experienced, she has a great ability to place one at ease! She is a wonderful listener and therefore delivers exactly what I want!


  • In recent years, I was perplexed and embarrassed by increasingly enlarged upper arms from the elbow area up to shoulder area. Clothing did not fit properly, swimming was out of the question, long sleeves were a necessity. Other physicians were unable to even offer a diagnosis or treatment proposal. My neurologist suggested that I visit Dr. Morgan. Dr. Morgan conducted a detailed consultation which included a review of health history and treatment experiences over the last nearly twenty years. She prepared a letter to me specifying her diagnosis and her confidence in that diagnosis. What a relief just to finally have a diagnosis! I was able to make the informed decision to go forward with the bilateral secondary arm lift, recognizing that it would not be a life long solution, but a several year resolution to a mind crushing disorder. The out-patient surgery was scheduled and the recovery process was just as predicted. The post-op follow up was outstanding, as it became necessary to deal with an infection that developed at the surgery site. The follow through continued until the infection was gone. I have no regrets about having the procedure. It was a pleasure to work with Dr. Morgan and her outstanding staff members. Their collective professionalism and enthusiasm is contagious.


  • I have been to so many doctors for Botox. No one did as good a job as Dr. Morgan.
    ~Mary M.

  • At 42 years of age, I need brow lines, lines between my brows and crows feet erased without the upper portion of my face looking frozen. Dr. Morgan and her staff are amazing! Not only do they perform a great job, but they are also friendly, professional, knowledgeable and competitively priced. The office and exam rooms are attractive and comfortable. Although they run a busy practice, they never make me feel rushed or that they are in a hurry. They are well versed in all of the latest procedures and offer a wide variety. I am in very good hands with Dr. Morgan and her staff!
    I had saddlebags on the sides of my legs that I couldn’t get rid of. I hated the way I looked in jeans and I didn’t like looking at myself in the mirror. Dr. Morgan gave me liposuction on the inside and outside of my thighs. The fat never came back. It’s been six years and I still love wearing jeans.

    ~Renne, W.

  • I had been to several doctors before I saw Dr. Elizabeth Morgan. I wanted to have a chin implant. The other doctors seemed nice enough, but they each had a standardized implant that they showed me without offering me any real choice in the size or shape of the implant itself. When I had my first appointment with Dr. Morgan I liked her personality immediately. She explained in great detail how the procedure would work. Afterward she took me into her office where she showed me pages of chin implant options of various sizes and shapes. This really allowed me to have some input and I immediately decided that she was the doctor that I wanted to work with. On the day of the surgery I, naturally, had some trepidation, but Dr. Morgan and her assistants made me feel relaxed, explaining exactly how the surgery would begin and proceed. The lighting was dimmed a bit and there was very pleasant, happy music playing softly in the background. The surgery went well and was pretty much pain free. That evening my wife and I were staying in a hotel not too far from Dr. Morgan’s office. As the lidocaine from the local anesthetic began to wear off I had a lot of pain and the pain medication that I had was not cutting it. My wife called Dr. Morgan and she drove to the hotel with a prescription for a stronger pain medication, which worked very well. The follow up visits were thorough, not rushed in any way; and all my questions were answered. Based on my personal experience I would highly recommend Dr. Elizabeth Morgan.


  • As might be expected after losing over 50% of your body weight you end up looking like an empty potato sack. I was initially worried about finding a doctor who would take the time to really see what I needed to make my body look like a normal humans body. Luckily, those worries were laid to rest when I talked to Dr. Morgan and really figured out what needed to be done specifically for me to get the changes I wanted. Very glad I found Dr. Morgan for this surgery, the results have been amazing thus far!


  • When considering facial surgery, it was critical that I found the “right” doctor….Dr. Morgan is that doctor! Her extensive knowledge, experience and bed-side manner set me at ease from day one. Throughout the entire process she has educated me and, while she’s always made me feel I’m making the right decisions, she’s also prevented me from making the wrong ones, explaining the “why’s” behind each of her recommendations all along the way. I am most grateful for all she’s done for me and would recommend her to anyone without even the slightest reservation.


  • Dr. Morgan and her staff were absolutely wonderful. They always took the time to answer my questions and concerns and never made me feel like I was a bother. Dr. Morgan spent a great deal of time with me and my husband making sure we felt comfortable with her and with our decision. They walked me through each step so patiently and kindly that it made the whole process less overwhelming. I had a wonderful experience with Dr. Morgan. I am so pleased with the results, and I am so thankful I made the decision to have this surgery.