Traveling to Atlanta for Surgery

A growing trend in plastic surgery is people are traveling from their hometown to seek treatment from expert plastic surgeons in a major city. Dr. Morgan has performed plastic surgery and cosmetic office treatments for patients from across the United States and even from other countries.

We have set up a process that works well for patients who would like a long distance consultation. First we ask that you fill out and sign all of our new patient paperwork. It can be printed from this website or we are happy to email it to you. Then we ask if you can send us photos of the areas of concern, since without seeing you it is difficult for Dr. Morgan to know what you need and provide you with a proposal. A few selfies will usually work fine. Once we have received all of this, your phone, Skype or facetime consultation may be scheduled. We ask that you do not send photos of private areas.

After your consultation with Dr. Morgan, we will send you a proposal for surgery which includes Dr. Morgan’s fee, operating room and anesthesia cost. It also may include cost for implants, surgical garments and other supplies needed for your surgery.

It does not include pre-operative labs, EKG, prescriptions or other supplies that may be needed before or after surgery due to age, certain medical conditions or the type of surgery. When coming to Atlanta to have a procedure done, we require that you arrive at least one day early to meet with Dr. Morgan for an in-person consultation. She will need to take photos, go over your surgical plan and post-operative instructions.

We are happy to help with accommodations for your stay and nursing care. Before you arrive in Atlanta, Dr. Morgan will let you know how many days you need to stay after your procedure. Depending on the type of procedure and its healing time, you may need to stay anywhere from 2-10 days.