Cosmetic surgery is a very personal decision and it is important that you feel comfortable and confident with your surgeon. Dr. Morgan is completely committed to providing each patient with safety, comfort and a great outcome.

When you come in for your consultation, Dr. Morgan will go over your medical history, have an in depth discussion with you about what you want and then sit down with you to review your options and devise a surgical plan for you. She will also spend time answering all of your questions. Then, our office manager will meet with you and go over the cost break down of everything Dr. Morgan has recommended.

Cosmetic consultations are $75 and prepaid at the time of scheduling your appointment. The $75 may be applied towards the cost of surgery or any in-office cosmetic treatment in the next 6 months following your consult.

Consultations for office cosmetic treatments can be done the same time as your treatment if you like or you are welcome to come back to have the treatment at a later time. Some office surgical procedures such as a mole excision or skin tag removal may be done at your consultation appointment, if time allows.

Dr. Morgan and her staff are dedicated to providing each patient with an excellent experience, from consult to recovery. Each time a patient calls on the phone or comes to our office we want them to have a pleasant and rewarding experience. It is our pleasure to help people.

Consultations for Previous Surgery

Dr. Morgan does do second opinion consultations of previous surgery done by another surgeon. The cost is $500 which is paid at the time of scheduling the appointment. You will need to bring all the operative notes and pictures taken before and after the surgery. If you decide not to return to your previous surgeon for follow up and Dr. Morgan feels she can help you, $250 of the consultation fee will be credited to you for surgery scheduled 6 months from your second opinion consultation visit.

Legal Opinion Consultations

Legal opinion consultations are $500, paid at the time of scheduling the appointment. You must bring all medical records and photographs to your appointment. Legal consultation fees are not credited toward surgery or other treatments.

Insurance Consultations

Dr. Morgan is out-of-network for all health insurance companies. Insurance usually does not cover plastic surgery or any cosmetic office treatments. If you have out-of-network benefits and would like to see Dr. Morgan for something your insurance may cover, we charge $35 to do a pre-approval letter or prior-authorization. If the coverage of the procedure is approved by your insurance, Dr. Morgan’s fees are paid in full 2 weeks prior to your surgery date. We will then file a claim with your insurance company and the amount they pay is the amount you are reimbursed.