Kybella is the only FDA-approved injectable treatment for adults that destroys fat cells under the chin. Kybella is 100% deoxyxholic acid, a naturally occurring bile acid that aids in the breakdown of fat in our bodies. It is injected in the office and the treatment takes about 30 minutes. Most patients will need 2-4 treatments done 6 weeks apart to get rid of their double chin, depending on how much fat you have.

Kybella is painful when being injected. Topical numbing cream is applied for 20 minutes prior to treatment. Then the area is carefully marked to avoid injecting any nerves or muscles which could be damaged. Nitrous oxide (laughing gas) is administered to minimize the pain. The pain from the injections will subside in 3-5 minutes. Ice packs can be applied. After the treatment you will have swelling and redness. The night of your treatment you may need a pain pill to rest comfortably. The next day the area will be noticeably swollen and will begin to feel numb and firm. The swelling will begin to subside in 48- 72 hours.

Kybella is a great non-surgical treatment to get rid of small areas of fat. It can also be used in the bra roll area, the knees and the jowls. These are considered “off label” uses. The cost of 2-4 treatments ranges from $1760-$3480.