Botox is the # 1 non-surgical cosmetic procedure in the United States. It was FDA approved for the cosmetic treatment of wrinkles in 2002. It is used to treat wrinkles caused by overactive muscles in the forehead, in between the eyes and the lines around the eyes. Botox can also be used for the treatment of TMJ pain of the jaw, blepharospasm (uncontrollable eye twitching) and as a treatment for keloids post-operatively. It has proven to be a very safe and effective treatment

Today many non-physicians can legally inject inject Botox, however Board Certified Plastic and Facial Plastic Surgeons and Dermatologists have advanced training and overall get better results. Dr. Morgan does all of her Botox injections. The procedure is done in the office with topical anesthetic. Dr. Morgan creates an individualized injection and dosing plan for every Botox treatment, taking into account the patient’s facial anatomy and desired look.

After the injections, there may be some bruising and mild swelling. The results of Botox begin to become visible in 72 hours.

It usually takes 7-14 days to obtain maximum effect. The first year, Botox treatments may need to be repeated every 3 months. When injected on a regular basis, Botox can dramatically prevent wrinkles for a longer period of time and help you look younger longer.