Just For Men

Men do not want to look old, tired and out of shape no more than women. That is why men are the fastest growing group seeking plastic surgery procedures and anti-aging office treatments. The trend is men want to look younger, healthier and fit.

Cosmetic plastic surgery has a lot to offer men to enhance their look, whether it be for personal or professional reasons. We have many male patients in our practice and Dr. Morgan is very experienced in specialized techniques that are necessary to meet their specific needs.


Chin Augmentation A strong chin is a defining male facial feature. A chin implant surgically placed over the bone of the chin can dramatically improve the appearance of a receding chin and weak jawline. Chin implants can be done in the office with local anesthetic,...

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Botox Botox is injected into the facial areas where wrinkles appear in the forehead, glabella (in between the brows) and crow’s feet. It can also be injected into the masseter muscle of the jaw to relieve TMJ pain. The drug blocks signals from the nerves...

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