Chin Implants

A weak chin can create a look of disproportion in the face. From the side view, a receding chin can create the illusion of a larger nose. Fortunately, chin augmentation is a safe and effective procedure to enhance and project this area, creating a smooth and more defined outline of the lower face.

Chin implants come in various shapes and sizes and are chosen to fit each individual patient’s need. They are placed through a small incision under the chin on top of the bone. The incision is hidden in a skin crease. The procedure may be performed with local anesthesia in the office or general anesthesia at the out-patient surgery center, depending on the patient and extent of the procedure.

Afterwards there is swelling that can last for 1-3 weeks, the first week is the worst. It is best to eat soft foods the first few days. Patients must refrain from ball sports for 6 weeks. Once healing has completed, these implants look and feel like a natural chin.