Cheap Botox vs Piece of Mind

Botox is expensive. When you get cosmetic Botox for facial lines, you do not want to overspend and you want value for money. How do you know what that is?

There are two ways to charge for Botox, by the area injected or by the units used. When you pay by the area, you are likely to pay too much because the price is the highest price that area could require. Many patients need much less and everyone’s facial muscles are different. If you pay by the unit, you get exactly the amount an area needs to treat the wrinkles.

It is best to go somewhere you are charged by the unit.

The average wholesale cost of Botox is $6 per unit. The wholesale cost is lowered for very large orders on a regular basis from Allergan. The average retail cost of Botox per unit in Atlanta is $13. In many medical practices injecting Botox is done by RN injectors for the average retail price. If the doctor injects the Botox there is sometimes extra cost involved.

Dr. Morgan does all her own injecting, there is no wait and she charges $12-$13 per unit, depending on any specials that we have throughout the year. She is a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon and has been injecting Botox for 20 years.

You will see Botox advertised on Groupon, Medispas and even hair salons. The price can be as low as $7. If you are thinking this is too good to be true, you may be right. If you get 40 units for $7 per unit that comes to $280 and Groupon takes ½ of that so it is being injected for less than cost. What is going on?

Some things to consider:

  • The Botox is extremely diluted so it may not last very long
  • The Botox is counterfeit or bought from the “black market”
  • Botox is not what is being injected

For your best results when getting Botox, go to a Board Certified Plastic Surgeon or Dermatologist who does their own injecting. A physician who is Board Certified is less likely to risk their reputation and purchase a “fake” product. If a doctor is caught injecting fake Botox they may have to pay high fines and even possibly do jail time. In other words you must trust who is injecting it and know there credentials.

One other tip if you are on a budget for Botox. Allergan, who is the manufacturer of Botox, has an amazing savings program for members who purchase their line of products. It is free to join and many physicians offer this program. Every time you get a treatment you earn points which can be converted into rewards toward your next Botox treatment. For more information go to