The Mini Face

Most plastic surgeons cannot agree on what a mini face lift is. For one plastic surgeon it may be a face lift done as an outpatient procedure while to another it may be a face lift done in that office. Others consider a mini face lift a short scar face lift or a thread lift.

My definition of a mini face lift is the outpatient minimally invasive composite face lift or MICFL for short. It specifically and scientifically tightens the jowls and sagging around the mouth and loose tissues up to the cheek bone. It will also tighten the neck. It usually involves little bruising and a short recovery time.

This procedure can be done in the office if you do not have high blood pressure. General anesthesia is not used in the office. Instead we use Pronox (nitrous oxide also known as laughing gas) as well as local anesthetic. The MICFL is a very precise face lift and is done under magnification. The procedure takes about 4 hours. So, if you are not one to be able to lie still that long, it is probably best if you have it done at the outpatient surgery center under general anesthesia.

If you are considering a thread lift because it can be done in the office, please know they do not last and can be asymmetrical. You may also think laser is an option but it does not tighten deep loose tissue, it only tightens the skin.